aespa Winter Profile, Facts and More (Updated)

Winter (Kim Minjeong – 김민정), is a South Korean singer, member of the Kpop girl group aespa under SM Entertainment. Winter debuted with aespa on November 17, 2020.

aespa Winter and ae-Winter

1. Winter of aespa Profile

  • Real Name: 김민정 (金旼炡, Kim Minjeong)
  • Stage Name: Winter/윈터
  • Chinese Name: 金玟庭
  • Full Name: Kim Minjeong/김민정
  • Korean Name: 김민정
  • Agency: SM Entertainment
  • Affiliated group: aespa
  • Position: Dancer, Vocal
  • Emblem: ⭐
  • Designated color: White
  • Debut: November 17, 2020; digital single ‘Black Mamba’
  • Nickname: The vocal daughter of Yoo Youngjin · Mindungie · Kim Winter · Winging · Gyeoulie · Jjeongie · Kim Mindungmaendung · Winmamel · Melonbbang · Determined Moomin · Mamdanmoo · Wintereu · Brave Baekgu · Nice girl · Turtle · Winttobbi · Winttocheck · Kim Ottoke · Jin DongTien · Yeppi · Kim Dubu · Kim Guobarou · Kim Dongdong · Kim Pork Cauldron · Mintyoring · Maltese.
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Date of Birth: Jan 01, 2001
  • Zodiac: Dragon, Capricorn
  • Height: 164-165 cm (5’4”)
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: A
  • Official emblem: Star
  • Family: Parents, Older Brother (born in 1999)
  • Education:
    • Yangsan Samsung Elementary School (graduated)
    • Yangsan Samsung Middle School (graduated)
    • Yangsan Girls’ High School (dropped out)
    • High school Graduation Qualification Exam (passed)

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2. Career

  • On October 27, 2020, S.M. Entertainment revealed Winter as the first member of aespa.
  • On November 4th her Avatar was revealed, æ-WINTER, through the video SYNK, WINTER.
  • On December 6, she was among the artists who performed BoA’s 20-year career tribute at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards. She performed BoA’s debut song, “ID; Peace B”
  • Winter collaborated with Raiden during SMTOWN LIVE Culture Humanity Online Concert on January 1st, 2021. The two performed Raiden and Chanyeol’s song Yours, showcasing Winter’s vocal abilities.
  • Winter made a special appearance in the music video to Kangta’s remake single “Free To Fly 2021,” which was released on July 14, 2021.

2.1 Position

2.1 Vocal

Her voice is soft, but her singing is solid. She does not have an official position, but is mentioned as the main vocalist along with Ningning. Winter’s part, “I’m aespa, there can’t be two” is often referred to as the killing part of Black Mamba. SM producer Yoo Young-jin was in charge of directing Black Mamba, and his color is apparent in Winter’s bridge part. As a result, the nickname ‘Daughter born of Yoo Youngjin’s vocal cords’’ for Winter became popular. She showed off her vocal prowess as an SM vocalist when she covered BoA’s ‘ID; Peace B’ on the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and briefly sang it live on radio. Also, when she sang the first verse of EXO’s ‘First Snow’ in a video for fan content, there’s a feeling that SM’s style truly shows well in her vocals.

In the 2021 SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity” concert, she took part in the song ‘Yours’ on stage where she showed off her clean and clear voice. An edited video of this stage was uploaded on YouTube and received positive responses. It surpassed 1 million views and brought her attention for her uniquely clean and clear tone.

In the SM production song ‘Next Level’, she showed her skills by taking on the high notes and bridge parts. Especially, she showed off her powerful vocals by singing high notes in the part, “The signal has become unstable since a certain point in time. I’ll destroy you in the end. Come on! Show me the way to KOSMO. Yeah”. Through ‘Next Level’, more opinions concurred that her singing method is similar to Yoo Youngjin’s and thus she was publicly recognized as ‘the daughter born of Yoo Youngjin’s vocal cords’.

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In ‘Savage’, she performed high-pitched adlibs with Ningning. These are very high notes, and as her skills further improved, she sang the most parts and once again stood out as a vocalist.

In title tracks, she sings with a cold and powerful voice but in her song covers, many say that her voice is warm and like the first snow at the same time.

Songs sung by at least one line
Date Song Name SingerBroadcast Name
2021. 02. 09I Hate YouJung InPark So Hyun’s Love Game
2021. 02. 09What Do I Call YouTaeyeonPark So Hyun’s Love Game
2021. 05. 18Starlight (feat. Dean)TaeyeonThis is Good Morning FM Jang Sung-kyu
2021. 05. 18My SeaIUKang Han-na’s Volume Up
2021. 05. 19Flying DuckCherry FilterChoi Hwajung’s Power Time
2021. 05. 23LullabyIUhello82
2021. 05. 25Through the NightIUPark So Hyun’s Love Game
2021. 05. 26Otokke SongHyojung (Oh My Girl)Weekly Idol
2021. 06. 05Secret Garden (IU)Lee Sang EunKnowing Bros
2021. 10. 23All About YouTaeyeonKnowing Bros

2.2.2 Rap

  • She took on rap parts for the first time in ‘Next Level’ and received favorable reviews for her sticky pronunciation.
  • She also did Karina’s rap part when she appeared in a radio show.
  • In ‘Savage’, she took on a longer rap part than in ‘Next Level’. There is a part of the song where the rap lines go in order of Giselle-Winter-Karina. She got good reviews not only for her vocals but also for her rap.

2.2.3 Dance

  • She has excellent dancing skills and her dance lines are smooth and clean. Also, she does not miss a beat and moves one with the music right up to her fingertips. Among fans who like her dance style there is even a saying, “You have to watch Winter fancams at least twice”. In her debut song ‘Black Mamba’, she was at the center of the formation during the second chorus and in ‘Next Level’, in the so-called ‘let’s draw a ‘D’ (ㄷ) dance’, she executed with precise and clean angles which emphasized the point choreography very well. She has good isolation, executing upper body movements while isolating from her lower body, and has a really good core strength. Although she is not short, her arms and legs stretch out compared to her height and it makes her moves look cool.
  • <2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards> She performed solo in the cover stage of ‘ID; Peace B’ during the tribute segment of her agency senior, BoA.
  • According to the members, among them she learns choreography the fastest. She is also the member who demonstrates the most when introducing

3. Character

3.1 Visual

She is often referred to as the visual ace of the team. The reactions to her debut teaser were also very good. Before debut, she briefly appeared in the ‘MY Karina’ video where she smiled cutely while saying, “What are you doing?” and there were many who became fans just with that one scene. Among the various nicknames the fans call her, she is most often said to resemble a Moomin and a puppy. She is often compared to a white puppy such as a Maltese. Winter also chose a puppy as the animal that resembles her. Among celebrities, she resembles Taeyeon, who is a senior from the same agency. There are also opinions that she looks like the actress So Yujin. It is said that she continues the genealogy of “Watermelon award” (수박상, SubakSang) visuals from SM entertainment.

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[수박상; 수 – 수만님이 (Sooman-nim), 박 – 박수 칠 (applause), 상 – 상 (award)
수박상 = refers to a face that SM likes, consensus: Seo Hyunjin-Taeyeon-Irene]

Characteristic appearance: her skin is very white, she has a dimple on her left cheek and her double eyelids are clear and have a pronounced folded outline. Compared to her skinny body, her cheeks are chubby. This contributes to Winter’s cuteness. She is especially pretty when she smiles, but when she is expressionless, she has a cold aura and is often said to be handsome.

It is commonly mentioned by the members and fans that her image is that of a small and precious baby but in reality, she is the second tallest in the group after Karina. Thus there are a lot of reactions saying that this is unexpected.

Her aura tends to change depending on the hairstyle and makeup. According to the makeup artists, they used warm tone makeup for ‘Black Mamba’ activities and cool tone makeup for ‘Next Level’ activities, and both styles suited Winter well. Thanks to her short black hair and chic makeup, there were many comments during ‘Next Level’ promotions that say she is reminiscent of the character Na Aegyo from the popular drama ‘Penthouse’ which was airing at the time. In addition, there were many hairstyle changes such as long black hair, long blonde hair, two-tone hair and short blonde hair. She has a face that can match various concepts depending on the style. About her hair length, people say that short hair is cute, and long hair is pure. She is both pure and cute.

During Savage activities, she dyed her hair black with a bob cut and had full bangs. She looked handsome. She usually had straight short hair, and sometimes ponytails with hair extensions.

When she appeared on Knowing Bros for the second time, she had short ebony hair and blush was added to her makeup. Originally, aespa’s makeup gives a futuristic feel, and the members do not have blush on their stage makeup. This time, her good skin stood out and her makeup was praised along with her school uniform styling.

On The Show, she wore her hair up and came out with attached pigtails. Perhaps because of her current short hair there are more fans who prefer the short hair, but after having long hair with pigtails, fans who prefer long hair are increasing in number again.

3.2 Personality

She is the mood-maker of the team. The group is generally bright and energetic, but she says that she takes the role of mood-maker first. However, she is also said to have a rather shy personality.

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When her first teaser was released, there were many opinions that she gave a calm impression. But since her debut, she has been frequently found to be a playful girl and is known as one of aespa’s gag characters. Even in their TMI, Giselle revealed that her first impression of Winter was that she is the calm and quiet type, but in reality, she isn’t. Among the members who wrote a long letter about ‘A word I would like to convey to those meeting aespa for the first time’, she drew a picture of the choreography saying, ‘Hi?’ In her letter in aespa’s V Live channel, she wrote the title ‘Emergency😎’ and showed a cool look through the title, ‘Please enter a title.’ In aespa’s picture diary, she also made people laugh by drawing a parody of Munch’s ‘The Scream’, perhaps because of an interview mistake at Music Bank.

In aespa YouTube content videos, she often makes short and bold jokes with good delivery and timing and she is also good at telling stories. There are many opinions from fans that they are looking forward to her appearance in variety shows in the future. Even in TikTok videos, her acting and humorous facial expressions are pretty good.

4. Education

  • Samseong Elementary School (Graduated)
  • Samseong Middle School (Graduated)
  • Yang San Girls’ High School (Dropout)
  • High School Graduation Equivalency Examination (GED) (Accepted). (Note: Winter took the High School GED on the same day and the same class as Karina).

5. Solo Activities

5.1  Stage Performance

DateSong Name Broadcast/ConcertNote
2020. 12. 06ID; Peace BMnet Asian Music AwardsYT link

4.2  Music Video

Singer Song Name Note
KangtaFree To Fly (2021)with Sungchan + link

6. Fun Facts

  • Winter is the first confirmed member of aespa. She was announced on October 27, 2020
  • Winter’s “Black Mamba” fancam becomes the fastest debut fancam to reach 1 million views (in about 30 hours). Learn more: Winter of aespa Black Mamba debut fancam
  • Special Ability: English tongue twisters
  • Nicknames: gyeoul (winter), Wingingie, Jeongie, Mindoongie, Kim Gyeoul, My Melody, baby bunny, Winyomi, Melonpanna
  • Favorite Words: milk and love
  • Favorite Color: ivory
  • Favorite Season: fall
  • Favorite Animals: arctic fox, desert fox, husky, puppy, cat
  • Favorite Food: chocolate, pizza, cracker, jelly, taro smoothie, Kongguksu (cold bean noodle soup), Lasagna, cake, bread, cookies, milk, and chips
  • Favorite Movies: Tenet, American Sniper
  • First impression of members:
    • Karina: She looks unique
    • Giselle: Her arms and legs are long
    • Ningning: “Is she an eonni?”
  • She loves watching action movies, war movies, and movies that are hard to understand.
  • When she was younger she wanted to be a singer. She also wanted to be a soldier because she thought that was very attractive.
  • Her favorite ride at the amusement park are the rollercoasters. Ningning is her rollercoaster partner.
  • She is the only member where the ae-version of herself has the same hair color as her debut colour (bleach blond).
  • She was the first member to be revealed.
  • She was casted by SM Entertainment during a dance festival in her hometown, Yangsan-si (Yangsan City).
  • She uses the iPhone 11 yellow.
  • She is allergic to kiwifruit and tomatoes.
  • Her stage name “Winter” was chosen out of several different candidates. Others included Millie, 영원히/Young Won (forever), 모아/Moa (to collect)[5] Another was Baekseul (Snow White) because of her fair skin.
  • As she is born in January 1, under the rules of Korean Age, she never adds a second year on her age, because that second age is for people that haven’t celebrated their birthday in the new year. All people start their lives at 1-year-old.
  • According to Ningning, Winter is the best at filleting fish.
  • She has an older brother.
  • She was the vice president of the school
  • She trained for 4 years
  • She likes eating chocolate and sweets.
  • She has a dimple on her left cheek.
  • According to her old friends, she doesn’t really take selfies because she’s not good at them
  • Most used emoji: emoji with sunglasses

7. Videos

Black Mamba – aespa WINTER Debut Fancam
aespa Winter Black Mamba Fancam (Music Shows)
aespa Winter Next Level Fancam Playlist on Music Shows

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