[Clarification] Winter’s Alleged Ask.fm

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aespa Winter’s posts, turned out to be written by a person of the same name…”Legal Response”

It turns out that the posts that spread rapidly online that Winter (real name Kim Minjeong) of girl group aespa wrote while she was in school was not Winter but written by a person with the same name.

A woman who identifies with a name the same as Winter’s said, “I went to Yangsan JoongAng Middle School. Although I was also born in 2001, I didn’t even know Winter… I don’t know who stole my posts, but I will take legal action because they are spreading with my personal information and causing sexual harassment and defamation,” said.

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The author of the posts also complained of unfairness upon revealing her graduation album and ID with her real name.

Recently, online allegations that Winter, who graduated from Yangsan Samsung Middle School, used abusive language and profanity in posts written during her school days, referring to the body of EXO members and caricatured them, rapidly spread online.

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However, the controversy was settled when the author of the posts was revealed to be of the same name, not Winter.

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Winter’s real ask account was also revealed and now everything has been cleared up. However, the people involved in spreading these false claims are nowhere to be found and cannot take responsibility for their actions.

What happened was another case of antis defaming Winter online. We hereby urge Team Winter to cooperate with us in collecting evidences that might be useful in the case of taking legal action.

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