Winter – The Daughter Yoo Young Jin Gave Birth to with His Vocal Cords

Winter, the vocalist, and dancer of the girl group aespa, was widely regarded as Yoo Young Jin‘s daughter whom he gave birth to with his vocal cords. Winter was dubbed as the daughter of SM’s director, record producer, and vocal trainer due to her distinctive voice and superb vocal tone, which drew a large number of fans.

Winter - The Daughter Yoo Young Jin Gave Birth to with His Vocal Cords

An article from Kukinews Korea mentioned Winter as one of the children born from Yoo Young-jin’s vocal cords. It refers to a singer who can digest Young-jin’s unique singing style. Winter of aespa together with SES Bada, TVXQ Changmin, and EXO D.O, are the vocalists who are characterized by their clean & neat singing while keeping the excitement of R&B genre. (Source)

A post entitled, “Yoo Young Jin of SM gave birth to a daughter and a son” trended on the popular Korean forum theqoo. Netizens think that DO and Winter are the son and daughter of SM Producer as they have an R&B vocal tone similar to him. Most of the comments are asking the two idols for a duet. There are also popular comments across all online communities and SNS (instiz, theqoo, daum, instagram, youtube, etc) asking them to release a song. “SM, where are you bringing kids with such a vocal color from??”, “They both are strong SM’s vocalists – Yoo Youngjin’s Son and Daughter who were born with his voice.  Seriously, their vocal tone/color makes me want to take them and runawayㅜㅜㅜㅜor release a duet song you two”, “When the two of you release a duet song, just thinking about it makes me cry…Youngjin father, son, and daughter please release just one song”, “I want Doh Kyungsoo to sing ‘Next Level’ Winter Part”, “Doh Kyungsoo who is in charge (of playing the role of) Yoo Youngjin in EXO. Kim Winter who is in charge (of playing the role of) YYJ in Aespa”, “They’re freaking good at singing” (Source:

Set aside vocal cords, Winter has an incredible closeness and bond with the singer-songwriter. aespa were guests on MBC FM4U Kim Shin Young Noon’s Song of Hope Radio on May 25, 2021, where Winter expressed her gratitude and appreciation to Lee Soo Man and Yoo Young Jin for raising her.

On this day, Radio DJ Kim Shin Young asked the aespa members, “If you were scheduled to share a meal with Lee Soo Man or Yoo Young Jin, who would you choose to eat with?” Winter responded, “I actually have a store that I visit regularly. I would eat an appetizer dish with Lee Soo Man at that store, and then go meet Yoo Young Jin, taking Lee Soo Man with me.”.

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“Wow you’re really smart,” radio DJ Kim Shin Young said, complementing Winter on her ability to find a way to compromise the responses to what would otherwise be a tough scenario. “Between Lee Soo Man and Yoo Young Jin, you may only welcome one person. To whom would you bow and greet?” Kim Shin Young challenged Winter.

“Father, thank you for raising me. I won’t lose sight of my primary intentions, and I will work hard. Please give us a lot of love,” Winter responded. Kim Shin Young praised Winter once again, adding, “You are extremely clever since none of us can figure out who ‘father’ is; the ‘father’ you mentioned can apply to both persons, but it can also allude to your biological father.”

Rookie aespa also guested in TVXQ Changmin’s Freehug On May 28, 2021. In the show, he mentioned that people are saying that he has a younger sibling (referring to Winter) with them. Winter on the other hand stated that people say that her singing is similar to Changmin and it’s an honor to be called that way. They also mentioned Changmin, Winter, and D.O as Yoo Young Jin’s kids. Changmin also stated that he knows about fans calling Winter his sibling.

DJ Changmin: People are saying that I have a younger sibling here today? Winter?

Winter: People say that my singing is similar to Changmin… it’s an honor to be called that. (Source:

On another radio show, SBS PowerFM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” where aespa was the guest last October 13, 2021, the DJ asked her about holding a gun in the Savage Music Video (MV). Winter responded that there aren’t really any opportunities for her to hold a gun. She was worried about whether it would look good on her since she felt so uncomfortable.  Yoo Young Jin, on the other hand, arrived on set that day and told her it fit her well, which made her feel a lot better.

Another radio guesting opportunity took place. Girl group aespa was part of MBC FM “Kim Eana’s Starry Night” radio for the October 18, 2021 broadcast. Kim Eana asked Winter, “To Yoo Young Jin’s vocal daughter Winter! There’s word going around that you always need to watch Winter’s fancams twice: once to watch the video overall, and second to watch winter’s dancing skills. What kind of compliment do you prefer between vocals and dancing?”.

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Winter responded that she both loves singing and dancing. She usually likes receiving compliments for her singing, but for this song, since she experimented and researched a lot to prepare for the choreograph, she most likely wanted to receive compliments for her dance. Being able to be recognized in different radio shows means that the industry indeed acknowledges Winter as the daughter of legendary Yoo Young Jin.

On the other hand, a series of events proved how comfortable Winter was around Yoo Young Jin and Lee Soo Man (SM Entertainment’s Founder). Winter greeted Lee Soo Man using aespa’s official Instagram account on his birthday. She confidently asked the Kpop Pioneer to treat her group to Korean BBQ. In SM Congress 2021, the group got the opportunity to face the founder, Lee Soo Man, who personally thanked the girls for delivering birthday messages and asked who posted the message on Instagram, to which Winter raised her hand. They all giggle when they learn that their teacher can’t refuse because Winter has publicly requested it. Winter was also asked about the most touching moment following her debut by Huya TV in August 2021, and she revealed that it was when Director Yoo Young Jin bought them beef. aespa took home the trophy for October 24 SBS Inkigayo broadcast and Winter addressed Lee Soo Man and Yoo Young Jin in her speech for getting first place. “Lee Soo Man-nim,  Yoo Young Jin-nim we came first place, please buy us meat!!”, Winter stated.

Meanwhile, on the 23rd of December 2021, SMTOWN uploaded Re:MASTERPIECE, the birth story of aespa’s Dreams Come True. In the episode, BoA met aespa and they talked about the Original version of Dreams Come True as well as watched the Music Video. She mentioned that Winter was known as Yoo Young Jin’s Daughter. She also unveiled the secret of alien singing in the MV and asked the aespa members if they knew who sang it. Winter quickly responded  “Director Yoo Young Jin”. BoA surprisingly asked, “How did you know?” where Winter answered, “As expected, Dad”. Boa then agreed, “That’s right, I’m sorry. You are his daughter. Oh, that’s right, blood can’t lie, ” she laughed.

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With the same video, a re-uploaded clip of Winter being defended by Yoo Young Jin after BoA corrected her recording for Dreams Come True remake has gained 2.5 Million views on YouTube. It looks like Yoo Youngjin is making excuses for Winter when she missed the beat the first time and BoA called him out for it. Meanwhile, Winter’s just laughing at her dad being protective.

Netizens expressed their fascination by commenting. “As expected, it’s nice to see the kindness of the father to his daughter~ When I first saw the father, he looked really cold and scary. But it seems like he was bright and cheerful” written by user Yang Min Jae.

SM artists and Winter’s seniors also agreed on the Father-Daughter relationship.

“Winter has a lot of parts this time. Yoo Young Jin gave birth to a daughter with his voice.” Super Junior Heechul & Shindong 

“I saw on YouTube that people call Changmin, D.O. and Winter children of Yoo Young Jin” TVXQ Changmin

“Yoo Young Jin’s vocal successor” BoA

For Winter, being known as SM’s director-producer Yoo Youngjin’s daughter is a strength. But for the fans, it is because of her relevancy in the industry, particularly her exceptional talent and skills, which also made her solidify the Ace and Hexagonal All-Rounder title. 

Whether it’s because of Winter’s voice or the lovely bond that has earned her the nickname of Yoo Young Jin’s daughter, we can’t deny that she has a great personality that her friends, peers, fellow workers, and seniors appreciate. There are several individuals who are proud of what aespa Winter has accomplished and will accomplish, and one of them is her father, Yoo Young Jin.

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